I went downtown today and went to HipCityVeg. It was so good! You have to check it out if you're near the Verizon Center. I wore this sweater and pants for the cool, but nice day. I paired it with my new Steve Madden sandals and my cute white clover bracelet from @beadzbymeg.

Top - Urban Outfitters | | Bracelet c/o - @beadzbymeg | | Pants - ZARA | | Sneakers - Adidas


Pictures by my cousin!
This mural (at 3510 O St in Georgetown) is so beautiful! I decided it would be the perfect backdrop for this outfit, featuring my new dolphin tail charm necklace from @beadzbymeg on Instagram! I seriously love her jewelry and the pieces she sent me will be perfect this summer. Go check her out!

Top - Jcrew | | Pants - ZARA | | Sandals - Steve Madden | | Necklace c/o - @beadzbymeg

I'm having such a cool experience in NYC right now and thought I'd share some pictures! I have been running around every day around the city and it's been really interesting to learn about interior design.  I really really love design and this week has been really eye opening. I also feel like I've learned a TON about different brands and styles just in the few days I've been here.

This morning I went to Le Pain by the Conservatory Pond and it was so so nice. I highly recommend sitting outside by the pond. The weather was PERFECT.

OMG OMG Thibaut is by far my favorite ever!!! Their designs are incredible. Looking through their stuff really makes me want to design summer houses forever and ever. It's so cheerful and beautiful!

Prom seemed like ages away, but it finally happened yesterday! I'm sad that it's the last night that my whole grade is really a grade together until graduation. We finished classes on Friday and now we are going off to do senior projects. It's so weird that it's all over! I had the hardest time deciding what to wear to prom, but I decided on this two piece outfit. I bought this Nicholas top from Intermix FOREVER ago and never could decide what to wear it with. It ended up being perfect with a tulle skirt from Morning Lavender. My outfit colors ended up matching the prom theme and decorations PERFECTLY! I couldn't find my top online, except for on eBay here. Here is the link to my tulle skirt. Seriously, if you are still shopping for prom CHECK Morning Lavender. They have such beautiful dresses!

I am really grateful to live in the city. We decided to go take pictures at the monuments and it was such a good time!

With work, AP exams, riding, and school, I have been having a hard time balancing things. Thankfully, I have today's exam, tomorrow's exam, and then I'm finished with school! I had my last class day on Tuesday, which was so crazy. I feel like I've been waiting for this moment for so long, but now that it's here, I wish I had a longer time. I love my classmates and school and I really, really wish I had another year (maybe without the crazy amounts of work!). 

Aside from that, I had my last night of work last night. It was actually really emotional for me, because I've gotten really attached in the couple months I worked there. I had to stop working, because of APs and graduation and senior projects (it was just going to be way to much to handle), but last night I felt so sad clocking out for the last time and hugging everyone goodbye. Aside from meeting a lot of amazing people, I had a good experience working in a restaurant. I think it's a great thing for everyone to do and I definitely learned a lot about dealing with people and I picked up a lot of social skills from it. Being a hostess is definitely not an easy job and I know I'll be more sensitive to other hostesses whenever I'm around them, now that I've been exposed to what that job is like.

On another note, I thought I'd show you guys a few pictures of the last two weeks of my life, just as a little update. I had a horse show last weekend, so I have a bunch of pictures from that, as well as an outfit that I wore last week.

The photo above was taken by Holleigh Arledge (@hgiellohphotos on Instagram), a friend of mine! She is super talented!

The picture above and the one below were taken by my friend's dad, Mr. Hecker! I love these pictures.

I love this Adidas top I wore last week. I got it in the men's section at Pacsun and I love wearing it.

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