Now that we're {sadly} at the end of July, I thought I'd share some of my favorites from this month.


jcrew nike sneakers

These sneakers are everything! And who really thought that I'd become a sneaker addict? Well now {ll thanks to Jcrew} I've been craving some more...Uh oh, I know.

peplum top jcrew factory

It was only, what, $10? How could I not buy it? And it's the perfect top to transition from Summer to Fall. In Summertime you can wear it alone, and during the Fall you just pop a Jcrew field jacket over it and bam--another look.

jcrew pave link bracelet

This could very possibly be in every outfit post ever and it could also possibly be the only bracelet I wear on the blog...I really should get some variety, but it's perfection. I mentioned this before and I'm going to tell you again. You need this bracelet.

rm mini mac

This bag is in almost every outfit post and it's totally fine with me! It's the perfect size for shopping, a day in the city, a quick walk to Starbucks, you name it. I recommend this bag. I seriously recommend it; you won't regret investing in it!


enrique inglesias

I'm a huge music-listener. If you know me then you know that's true. I listen to music before bed, in the car, literally all the time. I'm a huge {I know this is weird} rap addict. Eminem (I blame my dad), Kanye West, Drake, you name it; I listen to it. Weelll, I turned on the radio and Bailando was playing and let's just say it was love at first listen. I can't stop listening to it! I've never been a huge Enrique fan, but this song totally changed my mind...

travel & food

dash boutique

I'd always seen it on TV when I would watch KUWTK {Keeping Up With The Kardashians}, but when I was in Miami I knew I had to go! O.M.G. I love it. So when I went to SoHo, I had to go to the New York one! Love love love.


New York City girl, right here. We go to NYC every year, but when I went alone with my friend it was the funnest trip ever! I'd never been to SoHo before and it was amazing. Can I live there? Right now? Thank god I'm going back in a couple weeks. I don't know how I would survive without seeing the city again!


My other favorite place. That was one of my favorite trips ever! The boat trip {yes please}, the early morning Starbucks, tanning by the pool, macarons {uhm, delish!}, the shopping, and the palm trees {yes, I'm one of those tourists who takes palm tree shame!}.


Ever since last summer when we went to Ladurée in Paris {oh how I wish I was a serious blogger for that trip, how awesome would those outfit posts be?!} I've been on the hunt for them everywhere. I got delicious macarons in Miami and last weekend in NY too!

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They're sparkly? I want. And they're heels too?! Count me in!

Zara was having so may good sales and I snatched these sparkly heeled silver pumps for $29.99!

This top was a score from Jcrew Factory during one of their {many} sales. It goes perfectly with my Zara heels and the pants are just an added bonus. I mean that color is fab, right?

Of course I added in my favorite {Jcrew} bracelet, ever. (Did I mention that you need it? It goes with me I'm not joking.)

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Soo I'm Crewcuts obsessed. It's finally happened. I've always loved Jcrew, but I never realized how well the kids section (Crewcuts) fits me. The best part? It's so much cheaper. This dress? Ten dollars. Mhm. I know, I know. I scored--big time.

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This girl is on the Seventeen website! Check it out!

It made my day; super excited! :-) I'm a huge Seventeen Mag reader/fan!


Sneakers haven't been my fashion fave, to be honest. Until now. 

I was in SoHo with my friend on Saturday and we (of course) went to Jcrew. I was looking for these shorts that I'd fallen in love with, but didn't buy at the time. I couldn't find them, but who (really) can leave Jcrew without a purchase? So I stumbled across these Nike x Jcrew sneaks and fell in love. They were adorable and I knew I had to have them. So I asked to try them on, and guess what? They didn't have any left. So, I asked the man behind the counter if he could track some down in NYC. He did told me that they had my size at a Jcrew on 98th and Madison. So I thought, perfect, we're going there later anyway, I'll pick them up then. I asked him to put them on hold for me and we left the store (my friend having purchased some super cute navy rain boots). We got on the subway (because cabs are craazzyy expensive) and used the app HopStop. Well, unfortunately, the app wasn't updated on the break-down, or something, of the train we were supposed to get on and we hopped on the Q instead. Well, the Q was headed towards Coney Island and we knew that was wrong so we got off at the next stop, only to find ourselves in China Town. Ugh! So after many failed attempts, we waved down a cab and went back to the apartment to eat lunch. After lunch we took the bus to 79th and Madison. Perfect, we only had to walk to 98th and Madison, and we could enjoy the Upper East on out way. Wrong, we were (again). Somehow, the man at Jcrew was confused about the location of Jcrew and when we got to 98th and Madison, it was a bunch of apartment buildings. Frustrated and tired, we turned back and walked back to the Jcrew Collections store on 79th. They told me that no 98th and Madison Jcrew existed, and also that they didn't have my shoes. They called up the Jcrew on 66th and Madison, and finally we'd tracked down my shoes. So we walked again to 66th and Madison and there it was. The lady was so nice and so helpful and I bought my shoes!

Sorry for the long intro, just had to tell you all about my experience getting these! Ha!

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P.S. A lot of people have asked my nail's "Mint Candy Apple" by Essie!
For those of you who don't follow me on Instagram (@style_by_salli), here's a recap of what's been going on!

I love Instagram because it gives my readers a behind-the-scenes look, before stuff hits my blog. ALso, it helps me to grow the audience of my blog, because practically everyone is on Instagram these days.

I've been trying to up my game, and make my Instagram feed a little prettier. I hope it's working! If you're wondering, I use VSCO cam to make my pictures brighter.


My Jcrew Herringbone Vest came in the mail, finally!! I've been waiting a year for this moment (ha!). It'll go so well with my fall and winter wardrobe. Can't wait!

Adding my "Flirty Florals" post to my feed. Love this bag; I've practically been using it everyday!

Finally in NYC. I'm in love with the architecture. Isn't it beautiful?! I wish I lived here!

Showing my followers a peak at this outfit!

Packing for NYC< and noticing a major theme here! I think I'm blue and green obsessed!

Decorating my room with the roses from my "Roses Are Red" outfit post and with some of my favorite jewelry pieces.

You could say I love this outfit. We went to a bakery near our house (which is waaay overpriced and not super good either) this morning and I decided to wear my linen pants again. I love navy; it pairs perfectly with pink and natural, earthy tones.

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P.S. Comment below if you like having a "Shop This Post" column below! I think it's good to show different options of where to buy similar items from my outfits!
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