Like I said, my style is constantly evolving. I don't want a certain style to define me, if you understand. For a while there, all my outfits were based on what I thought my Instagram/blog followers would like, and not truly what described my style completely. While I loved all of my outfits (or else I wouldn't have posted them!), I am starting to find my style. On Instagram, I would post what my followers would respond well to, like Lilly Pulitzer based outfits. While I love Lilly, I want to be able to confidently post an outfit that really speaks my style. I don't know if this makes sense, but I hope it does!

This outfit is something that I picked out today and I love. Really love.

It's a different look, but I'm confident because I know it speaks me.

Top(old) - here's the Madewell website! They're having a sale on their sale items, like Jcrew! | | Pants (only $24!!) | | Bag | | Shoes

On a different note, I've found my true love, Madewell. Oh. My. Goodness. This store completely says Salli! I swear I could wear everything in that store (and I probably would, if I could afford it all haha!). I love the color-scheme, it's totally me. Navy, white, brown, earthy-tones. You know, what you've been seeing on my blog lately. The sale was amazing today. 40% off extra off all sale items. Umm, come again?! Crazyness. I knew I had to buy something, obviously. I got two tops, both are navy and white stripes (ha!) and are too adorable! I got them both for under $45, despite Madewell being very expensive. Their shoes are adorable and their bags are to. die. for. No joke. I'll definitely be going back again this trip!



  1. This is SO cute!! Glad you decided to try out something new! (& Madewell is so cute, especially in the Fall)

  2. cute outfit as always! Still in love with your shoes!! xo

  3. Fabulous as usual! These pants look SUPER comfortable.. and i am so glad that you are confident about your style. Personally, I love it!
    Classy Cathleen

  4. This is such a cute look, and it fits you so well!!!!!!!!


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