My sister and I went to Paul today. It was only a couple blocks from where we're staying and it's delicious. The food was so good, the people were so friendly, and the inside was so cute!

When traveling, it's essential to bring very versatile clothing, so you don't overpack. This romper (I wore two days ago), looks really cute on it's own, but also with a shirt over it (like I did in this post) and it's transformed into a cute pair of "dolphin" shorts.

Also, I've worn this shoe-and-bag look together in the past three posts. Kind of boring, but totally awesome for only packing a couple pairs of shoes and one bag!

It started raining and my hair started to curl!

In the last few pictures, I'd already eaten the pistachio macarons...of course! If you haven't tried a pistachio macaron, you're missing out.

I recommend going to Paul, it was amazing and so fun! I felt like I was in Paris again!



  1. cute romper!! :)

  2. Fabulous! I feel like your style has changed a bit.. but honestly, I love it! Too cute girly!
    Classy Cathleen


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