Matching sets, being all the rage as of now (especially those including a midi skirt), have me dreaming of owning every, single, set.

With NYFW coming up, I might have to try out the trend (how cute would a floral matching set with some cute heels and my Céline?). What do you think?

This is my all-time favorite, but don't even get me started on the Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2014 matching sets. I won't be able to shut up; I seriously need something from the Spring collection, it was all fabulous.

And maybe if the Milly set wasn't $820, I might've actually gotten it.

And want to know the best part about matching sets? You can mix and match the top and skirt/shorts with anything else!!

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What do you think of matching sets?

I wore an outfit similar to this not long ago. I love the black on black, with a black bag and black shoes. Too much black? That's why I wore the field jacket to add some "color" to this look.

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I was so excited when Two Funny Girls emailed me to ask me to do a collar. I love their monogram store, and the shoes they sent me are adorable.

You can select a color of moc and then accessorize them with a monogrammed ribbon. I chose navy because #navyornothing and got a navy and white ribbon to add cuteness to this look.

Do you like em? I looove them. They're super comfortable and are perfect for those days when you just slip on some shoes with some leggings and a sweater.

Oh and I apologize in advance for wearing this bag everyday.

Skirt - Ann Taylor | | Top - H&M | | Shoes - Two Funny Girls | | Bag - Céline

You know that bag that I've talked/drooled/fangirled countless times over? The celine luggage? I finally joined the club and got the nano and can I just say. This bag is absolute perfection.

I'll be taking this to fashion week DEFINITELY! (Yes, fashion week!! Details to come!)

Oh and these shoes? $13 at ASOS. Go, go, buy them!

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I usually only watch the VMAs, Grammy's, TCAs to see what everyone's wearing (#guilty). I'm probably the only person, but I seriously get hyped about the red carpet looks.

So who was killing it this year?

Nicki Minaj, per usual was stunning in a printed Saint Laurent dress.

The Kardashian/Jenner sisters were (as always) stylish, Kim's dress was especially a favorite of mine. Balmain is slowly becoming my new favorite designer #watchoutalexanderwang.

Chanel Iman was looking fabulous, and for my personal favorite...

Joan Smalls just stole the carpet. I mean, she honestly did. She looked amazing. Not only is she gorgeous, but her Balmain dress is probably my most-dreamed-about dress of all time at this point.

What were your favorite looks this year?

I made this skirt last year out of one of my daddy's old plaid shirts (he wears one every day!) and it's the perfect transitioning piece for Fall. Plaid is always a fall staple, and I think this one is perfect because 1) it's a skirt, so it's still for the warmer weeks during fall and 2) the colors are so pre-fall worthy. The light green, dark green, and grey are sort of misty and light for the beginning of Autumn.

Get these shoes (above) at Necessary Clothing (aka my new favorite store).

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Today was my first day of Sophomore year and it was actually pretty good, not going to lie! I'm really not a high school fan, but my classes seem good and my teachers are all nice! Hopefully it'll be a good year for me!

Onto the outfit, I just got a huge package from Necessary today ('ve already seen the goodies on my Instagram feed if you follow me: @style_by_salli).

(I died a little when I got all of this for only $107...)

So anyway, I had to give these shoes (top right, only $19.99) I got a spin...

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It's my last night of freedom (aka summer) and I could not be sadder! I still have a little bit of summer work left (#badsalli), but other then that I'm ready.

I love these Forever 21 finds (they were only $20) and they pair so effortlessly with the white top from Zara and the black shoes +  bag.

...switched locations halfway through #noragrets

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Don't ask me why, because I'll leave you with no answer, but this little thing makes me so happy; I have no idea why.

We all have that one little thing that makes us really happy. Whether it be scoring a deal on those Steve Madden booties, figuring out the perfect formula for delicious chocolate chip raisin cookies, or finding your signature nail shade, there's something that makes each of us really happy.

Mine is sort of a story. It's raining, not drizzling, full on pouring. I'm in New York City (or maybe Paris, of course), but it's quiet outside because everyone else is inside. I walk from the apartment to a hidden café, sit down inside by the window, order a cappuccino and a chocolate croissant (because what else?!), and open my laptop and blog.

Why this scenario makes me so happy, I have no idea. It just seems so peaceful and happy. Like I have obligations, just time to admire the city, eat, drink, and blog.

I have yet to fulfill this perfect scene (haha crazy, right?). I have gone to cafés and blogged, but not while it's raining. I just think that'd be perfect.

What's your little thing or perfect scene?

This bag is ideal for any casual ensemble. A white summer eyelet dress, leopard flats, + this bag? Heavenly. Leggings, a white peplum top, a statement necklace, lace up booties, + this bag? Flawless.

Doesn't get better. 

Oh wait. It does: IT'S MONOGRAMMED. I kid you not.

Oh Salli, that's why you love it so much. Yes, in fact, that is. This is seriously my new favorite bag. I have been using it a lot recently (#totewell) and it's super spacious; perfect for carrying my laptop, chargers, phone, books, wallet, headphones, the whole shebang. Exactly what I need for those blogging café mornings. Plus it'll be a great travel carry on and for shopping trips (because who wants to get a plastic bag #nothankyou).

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I went online to one of my recent favorite store, Necessary Clothing and realized they were having amazing deals on shoes. Me, being a shoe addict, had to make few many purchases.

Get this, I only spent $107 (you get a 10% off coupon when you sing up for the email newsletter), on all of this (plus I got this gold plated belt for $10; not pictured). Check it out!
Umm, yes please. These will mix in so well with my Fall wardrobe. I'm ready!

Oh, and those "lace up pumps"? They are basically those $995 shoes I showed you in the last post, but they're only $19.99. Grab 'em while you can! Sizes are selling out fast!

Seriously, I want every single pair of Aquazzura shoes. If you've seen them, you know exaclty what I mean...

(click on the pictures below to be transferred to the purchasing site)

The hefty price tag disagrees with me.

BUT, you can "style steal" a pair here for only $19.99 (I just ordered myself a pair!)

In two weeks, MB New York Fashion Week 2014 starts. I wish with my entire heart that I was attending, but maybe one day ;-)

Because I was on Polyvore, and in the MBFW state of mind, I made 6 outfits that would look stunning at the show. You might now like these looks, they're very out there, but I love them. I had so much fun putting them together!

Comment which is your favorite!

I think these are all stunning (all super expensive too, uh oh!)

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