I'm pretty much depressed now that I'm back from NYC. It's such a stylish, happening city and I always love every minute I'm there. I'm {thankfully} going back in two weeks with my cousin and hopefully for a long time next summer. All of these pictures are my own! :-)

I've compiled a list of 5 reasons I (and you should) love NYC.

central park

A park inside of a city? Yes please. Early morning runs? Yes, definitely. Running is the best way that I like to exercise in my free time (except for riding) and central park is the perfect place to do it. Not only is it pretty, but there are so many different paths to choose from!


I can't even begin to describe my complete and utter love for SoHo. I mean, it's even fun to say. Am I right or am I right? All the stores are on point and it's so lively and energized. I love it! (I could definitely live in the Jcrew store, for real).


When I was in Paris I fell in love with these macarons. No one makes them better than Laduree. I mean come on, you can have the best macarons ever and not even have to leave the country (although Paris is pretty cool too ;-) ).


Don't even get me started on the style. In DC, I swear either you don't care what you look like or you wear your business suit everyday. In New York, it's totally a different case. I walk down the street in SoHo and I get so inspired and I just want to stop every girl and ask where her shoes are from!

blogger central

This past weekend in NYC, I swear 1/2 of my Instagram feed was my favorite bloggers/grammers in NY. I practically died when Carly Instagrammed a pic in Central Park only an hour after I'd been there. Krista lives in NY too (one of my other favorite bloggers) and I kept secretly hoping I'd run into her (haha!).



  1. New York looks like so much fun!!!!!!! I nominated you for the Liebster Award!!!!!!!!
    You can click on the link to my blog to find out more info about it!!!!!!!!!

    BeYoutiful Beauties

  2. OMG I loved this post. This gave me so many more reasons to love NYC! I've only been there once, but it's honestly my favorite city ever! I want to live there!


    A Sprinkle of Kate


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