Can we talk shoes?

I have one word for you. Birkenstocks.

I've been seeing these shoes everywhere. I mean everywhere.

I prefer the look of the two strap Birkenstock, if I had to choose.

I was actually in New York City with my friend a couple weeks ago and we saw SO many girls wearing Birkenstocks, that we'd say "the shoes!" every time one would walk by. I think that happened well over 50 times in 3 days. I personally think that they are ugly, but everyone says that they're super comfortable and now they're super in-style.

And you know what, I actually kind of dig them now.

Have you snatched a pair yet?

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  1. I always laugh just a little when I see Birkenstocks.. My mom has been wearing these for the longest time! When I saw this year that they were trending.. I just can't help it.. I think it's just so funny that my Mom like knew all along that these would be a trend! I will say that they are super comfortable once you break them in, and they also make some cute pairs for Fall as well!


    1. Same here! My mom has been wearing them forever! I might actually have to buy myself a pair!

    2. Really? haha my mom has been wearing them since college! Too funny! Some of them are ugly.. but others are ok! I might get a pair just to wear around town for fall.. Or I'll just write a post about them!


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