I've seen at least 6 of these posts (starting with Krista of Covering the Bases) and knew I had to join in on the fun...

1. Pretty Jewelry & Shoes Shot:

What I'm Trying To Show: Some of the pretty baubles and shoes I have that just happen to be perfectly set up with the perfect lighting from the perfect window shining on them.
What's Really Going On: Quick pic? Let's be real here. I waited probably 2 hours to get the perfect lighting coming in from my window to shoot this. On top of that, I kept having to rearrange my bracelet because it kept falling down, but I wanted to make it look casual, hanging over the edge of the tray...

2. Puppy Lovin'

What I'm Trying To Show: Oh look, an adorable candid of my adorable puppy helping me choose {the striped top, obviously} what to wear, while being totally cute and snuggly.

What's Really Going On: It took 20 minutes to get the perfect shot. First of all, I had to arrange my clothes on top of each other so they looked perfectly messy. Then, she kept looking down or away from the camera so I had to keep clucking at her so she'd look up. Most of the shots were of her either yawning or sneezing. And then on top of that mess, I had to stand on top of my bed, while not getting my feet in the picture...so basically I looked totally crazy straddling my bed, while hoping I'd get the perfect shot. Not so pretty on my part there.

3. The Bag & Jewelry Shot In Central Park

What I'm Trying To Show: My outfit that I wore in NYC, with my freshly painted nails and adorable jewelry. Not to mention, my sunglasses that just happen to be perfectly set up in the picture...
What's Really Going On: It took me a while {typical} to take this shot. I wanted to show my rings, which I'd just purchased at a flea market, but I could't figure out which fingers to put them on to show them well. Plus, one of them kept falling around on my finger, so this was a lucky shot where you can {kind of} tell what it is. And the worst part was, in Central Park, when it's super busy, and you're sitting down on a crowded bench, it's a little {actually very} hard to get the perfect shot. You have to hold your phone up and pray it's in focus and you can get the perfect picture because you can't see the screen while holding it up high enough to capture the whole picture. In entirety, I look like a crazy lady and people were staring.

4. Macarons In A Pretty Café

What I'm Trying To Show: Oh look at those pretty macarons and that cute outfit in such an adorable café! And you can see the Miami palm trees in the sunglasses! How perfect, right?
What's Really Going On: To start with, I wanted to capture the whole story of what's going on. Eating brunch in a café in a cute outfit, blah blah blah. So I wanted to show my macarons {that were $20, mind you...I only bought them for the picture, and for the pistachio flavor...I don't love any of the flavors except for pistachio, whoops!} and my cappuccino that I promptly chugged {because I'm addicted} right after this picture {the whole time I was taking it, I was wishing I could drink it, but I didn't want to mess up my picture}. I also wanted to show my wallet and my sunglasses, but wouldn't it be cute if the palm trees were in the reflection? Yes, I thought so too, so it took me many tries to get the palm trees, instead of me holding up my phone in the reflection. Then, I had to get my cute bag in the picture, so it's sitting awkwardly on my lap. And to top it off, all of the staff at Paul were giggling at me while I reached my phone up, while trying to sit down, plus get all of my food and accessories in the shot. Tough stuff. And can I just say that for one shot, I actually wanted my Tory Burch phone case in the picture, but I needed my phone to take the shot, so I took my sister's phone and put my case on her phone so it looked like my phone at the table. I'm hardcore at getting the perfect shot, can't you tell?

5. The Morning OOTD Shot:

What I'm Trying To Show: Oh look at my cute outfit, my morning coffee, and my new mani!
What's Really Going On: I had to ask my mom to take this picture, after trying to find the perfect wall in my house that had enough light shining through the window to show the whole outfit (without shadows). Then I had to not drink my grande iced latte from Starbucks (that took a lot of energy...). Plus I wanted to show my Kiel James Patrick belt, but my shirt kept covering it up so I had to half tuck it into my shirt after a couple shots. On top of all that, I didn't know what to do with my awkward hand, but I wanted to show my new manicure, so I put it {awkwardly} in my pocket with the newly polished thumb out.

Don't you see how hard it is to get the perfect blogger picture?



  1. Too funny! It's always neat to see how other bloggers struggle when it comes to photography.. Goodness knows I can relate to almost all of these stories haha!

    Cathleen//Classy Cathleen

  2. These posts are so fun! The original actually came from a girl named Olivia. The link is: http://bit.ly/1omHiA6

    Also I just found your blog and I love it! You have such fun style.


  3. I'm a sucker for these posts! I'm definitely guilty to looking at other people's insta's and thinking how perfect they are - it's nice to hear the work and struggles that goes into the shots.

    The Life & Times of Belle


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