Kendall Jenner has always been one of my favorites from the Kardashian clan. She is stunning and not to mention her style. She likes to keep it simple, while adding to the look with her bags and shoes. She says she's a bag and shoe person, which I totally can see with all of her designer goodies.

I think my style is far from hers, but I always get excited when a new outfit of hers is released.

Helloo CĂ©line nano luggage (I would die for this bag *insert heart eyes emoji*)

I rarely see her far from a crop top and high waisted pants. She's claimed the style and made it her own. Along with that Givenchy bag...

I adore this look (^). She seriously rocks anything and everything.

My personal favorite ^. She looks so put together, but it's just so her. P.S. you can get these adorable loafers at H&M for $99 here.

Isn't she stylish?! I adore her! Just wait for a style-steal coming up ;-)

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  1. I love Kendall Jenner's style too! Great post.


  2. every one wants to her style , but do you know Kendall jennar net income , its sound incredible


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