Don't ask me why, because I'll leave you with no answer, but this little thing makes me so happy; I have no idea why.

We all have that one little thing that makes us really happy. Whether it be scoring a deal on those Steve Madden booties, figuring out the perfect formula for delicious chocolate chip raisin cookies, or finding your signature nail shade, there's something that makes each of us really happy.

Mine is sort of a story. It's raining, not drizzling, full on pouring. I'm in New York City (or maybe Paris, of course), but it's quiet outside because everyone else is inside. I walk from the apartment to a hidden café, sit down inside by the window, order a cappuccino and a chocolate croissant (because what else?!), and open my laptop and blog.

Why this scenario makes me so happy, I have no idea. It just seems so peaceful and happy. Like I have obligations, just time to admire the city, eat, drink, and blog.

I have yet to fulfill this perfect scene (haha crazy, right?). I have gone to cafés and blogged, but not while it's raining. I just think that'd be perfect.

What's your little thing or perfect scene?



  1. This really does sound perfect, and just reading this makes me really happy! :)


    1. I think it'd be super fun! Love your blog!!


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