So my Sweet 16 is (sort of, kind of) coming up. April 13 of next year, 2015. I know you think I'm crazy. Salli, it's only August 13th of 2014. WHat are you doing, planning so far in advance? Trust me. Planning in advance is muuucchh better.

This is going to be a series leading up to a post all on the day of my Sweet 16. I'm going to have a post on location, dress, food, invites, you name it.

Today, I'm going to show a little inspiration to show you the early stages.

I'm getting my blog redesigned, and as one of the early stages, she asked me to create a Pinterest board of pictures and text that inspire me. So, I stole that for my Sweet 16 planning. And while you're at it, follow me on Pinterest here.

Step 1. Create a Pinterest mood board for your party.

I love pink and green. Anything bright catches my eye.

Until the next post (about the location), enjoy!



  1. My sweet sixteen was pink and green themed too!

  2. My 16th birthday was my only birthday in my life that I haven't had a party, I had midterms and was planning on doing something small the next weekend but we ended up getting snowed out. I love the pictures with the gold accents, it just makes me think of the perfect Lilly and Kate combo

  3. Love your inspiration images! Those invites look pretty!


    By the way,I nominated you for the Classy Blogger Award! Check out my blog for more info.


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