In spirit of going to the beach next week, I'm putting together my summer beach essentials.


Shep Shirts are my ultimate cover-up choice because they're easy to throw on and are easily transitioned between seasons (so you can wear it layered in the winter too, which means it's well worth your money!).


I love lemon water (and diet coke...) so having a tumbler full of some sort of drink is essential on hot days at the pool or the beach.

cute suit

I love Victoria's Secret bathing suits, so I usually get them there, but this scalloped suit is super cute. Scallops are so in right now, I love it! I love scalloped hemlines (find a cute skirt here) and I see them so much, so this suit caught my eye instantly.


Sandals are an obvious must-have. Slip on and you're ready to take on the day! Tory Burch sandals are expensive, but how cute are these? I love the Miller sandals (listed in the Shop This Post below...)


Did I tell you I'm a music addict? Can't forget the phone which all my latest favorites on (Bailando by Enrique Inglesias, of course). And obviously they're pink!

catch-all tote

Whaddya going to carry everything around in? I always carry a Vineyard Vines tote and it gets so heavy, but a big bag is a must for me!

I also wanted to tell you all about where you can buy and sell your gift cards you don't want. An easy way to make cash if you have gift cards you haven't used and a great way to buy discounted gift cards for the stores you love (aka you can buy those Tory Burch sandals you want so bad, but you won't feel as guilty, with this link here). How great does that sound?


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  1. That suit is, indeed, cute. I love the scallops! Plus, hello, super cool tan line! I keep scrolling back up to look at it, haha!


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