This is a well-needed (and very well-wanted) post.

The art of layering.

Layering is essential in the fall (and winter, too) and this is how-to guide.

1. Button Down

Button-downs are probably the most worn item in my fall closet. You can wear them alone, with a sweater, with statement necklaces, you name it. But there's an art. Yes, and I (at least I think I have) mastered it.

So, let's take a look at our example (the picture above)...

a. start off with a simple oxford (mine's from crewcuts, my favorite place--remember?)
b. put a sweater on top. This sweater can be any kind, polka-dotted, striped (like mine, which is from Madewell by the way), solid, etc. I like to cuff the ends of the arms of my button-down over the sweater.
c. now the vest. Yes, the well known Herringbone vest again. You'll see a lot of this vest this Fall/Winter, trust me. I love the pattern mix of stripes and herringbone (how cute?!).
d. now a statement necklace, I like my Jcrew Factory multiple strand pearl necklace, but anything works (a pop of color would be cute too!).

extra: you could even pop on a Jcrew field jacket under the vest, but over the sweater if it gets really cold. Wouldn't that be darn cute?

2. Dress

I love this Crewcuts dress I just got. I've already worn it so many times! Dresses are less common in my Winter and Fall wardrobes. They're hard to wear in the colder weather (tights always get runs, ugh) and it's easier to just wear a pair of jeans or Jcrew pixie pants. Nevertheless, if you're into it, here's a guide.

Let's start; look at the picture above...

a. start of with a simple dress. Any dress will do, but I'm a huge navy and white stripes fan. I also love shift dresses. You can do pattern play with all your layers, but simplicity is also fun.
b. put on a thin layer like a military jacket from Jcrew (or Old Navy). A military jacket is super cute over a dress, alone or with more layers. Now you could stop with this, or keep building.
c. let's pop another vest on, why don't we. Uh-oh the vest phase is coming soon (beware), but this look wouldn't be complete (in my book) without a vest on top. I chose a blue vest (also from Jcrew).

3. Tank Top

We all like to wear tank tops, plus they're the perfect starting layer for Fall clothes.

Look at the picture above for an example...(this is basically the same as the dress guide)

a. start off with your tank top. Mine's black (real creative, Sal).
b. now put on a jacket. A blazer, denim jacket, field jacket, military jacket, rain jacket, anything.
c. don't forget your vest!
d. a statement necklace would look nice.

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Hope this helps!


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  1. I LOVED this post! Great ideas, Great tips.. I still need to pick up a vest for this Fall!


  2. I never know how to layer but I love the look of it! Thanks so much for this post - can't wait to implement it for this autumn/winter! These shots are so good by the way too!

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