Can we talk about the queen for a second? Ever since Gossip Girl started, Blake Lively has been a goddess in, well, everyone's eyes. 

And she's returned.

I thought she'd gone pretty MIA recently, to be completely honest. But thank god the blonde-haired girl is back, and on the cover of Vogue this time.

I saw it in the super market and I knew I had to show you.

And look at that style? In Gossip Girl, Serena always wore sparkles, deep v necks, and anything that caught her eye. Serena could pull off anything, and she would wear a ton of different style mixed into one; glam, girly, boho, you know the styles.

These pictures of her now show her in a much different style than Serena.

The fringe, the boho, the colors, the country. It's all perfect on her, but then again; Blake Lively can make anything work.



  1. She just always looks good, doesn't she? These pictures are so pretty! I love it.

  2. Blake Lively is my favorite!! She is perfection!
    Xo, Amanda


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