I would literally live in this sweater if I could. I thought it would be scratchy, but when it came in the mail it was perfect.

Oh yeah, and I love these black leather boots from Nordstrom Rack. I would've loved a pair of Tory Burch's, but they are always too loose around my calves )-:

Cable knits are great for fall, especially this one with a heavy knit because it's super comfy and warm.

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  1. I absolutely love outfit, so cute with those shorts! And that's the perfect cable knit sweater as well :)


  2. I love your sweater! I know what you mean about the tory boots being big around the calves. Mine are the same way. What I did was just wear thick leg warmers so they fill in some of that gap. If you don't have leg warmers, a good alternative is cut the sleeves of an old sweater that you don't use/care for and roll it so they look like leg warmers. Have a great day!


  3. I love that sweater! Perfect color for fall and winter!

    Constance || Prep Northwest

  4. This outfit looks so comfortable!


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