If you know me, you know that I basically binge-wear clothes. I buy them, wear them A TON, and usually get sick of them or just never touch them again (think those MIA gem wedge sandals I wore basically every day all summer...Have you seen 'em lately?). I'm not proud of this, I just know it's true.


I can tell you as a fact, that I'm going to probably wear this shirt to bed (you know that quote, "Early Mornings, Big Shirts, Messy Hair, Vogue, and Coffee"? Yeah, this shirt is part of that equation, which is basically me every weekend), to travel, to school, everywhere and I know I'm not going to stop wearing it until it has holes all over it.

It's the cutest top ever. 

No Sleep In The City

NYC is where the heart is, so automatically this tee was neccessary. Shoutout to Devon Alana for sending this to me (beyond obsessed).

Sorry Anna Wintour, I chose black on black for today's look.

Top - Devon Alana c/o | | Skirt - H&M | | Shoes - DSW | | Bag - CĂ©line

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