My second day in three words? Fabulous, hectic, painful.

Fabulous. Yes, isn't NYC always? Especially when everyone around you is interested in the same thing you are: fashion. I met some really amazing people that were so sweet and inspiring!

Hectic. Anyone who's been to Fashion Week can tell you. It's craazzyy. There's so much to do, so little time.

Painful. Why did I let myself wear heels?? Oh right, because they're SO CUTE! I think 6 people asked me where I got them and a ton of photographers were taking snaps of them, along with some bloggers and such. I've collected a ton of compliments. The only downside? They're probably the most uncomfortable shoes you'll ever wear. They're fine for the first 45 minutes (but aren't all heels??), but after that it was a nightmare. I was sitting down on the fountain at the Lincoln Center every 10 minutes. It was rough.

First; my outfit. (S/O to the 4 people who thought I was a model, plus the whole lot of photographers/bloggers who asked to take my picture. You made my day!!)

Oh yeah, and another shout out to that random lady who took my fountain pictures. You rock!

After my outfit pictures, my mom left to go back to DC to get to a meeting)-:

BUT, I took some more street style pictures:

This is Fallon, who I met! She was so nice and we talked about college! Don't you adore her dress?? I seriously love it.

I also met this blogger, Mairanny (check out her blog!!). I love her style and her blog too! That's one of my favorite parts about fashion week. Everyone there loves fashion, so you're bound to meet a new friend.

Afterwards, I went to the Fashion Shenzhen show. I sat in the second row and got some fab pictures!

Then I went to Custo Barcelona, which was AMAZING! I couldn't get any pictures though! BUT GUESS WHAT?? I saw J Alexander and Nigel Barker right across from me!! I almost screamed/cried.



  1. Looks AMAZING! And you do look like a model of course ;)

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

  2. I freaking looove the outfit. I wish I could wear stuff like that but my boobs are too big for that little top haha!! You absolutely worked it! I don't think I would have had the guts to wear anything that chic as a Sophomore in high school. You go Glen Cocoa.

    Progression By Design

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