When I went to DASH Miami, I immediately fell in love with a dress. It was one of those "origami" dresses that folds layers on the skirt part and it had an amazing blue and white pattern. It's by the brand Keepsake and I knew I needed it!

Just last night I was looking at the dress and realized that I wanted to find more pieces from the collection, and that's how I found BNKR.

Lemme just say, do. not. go on the website unless you plan on spending the next week on your computer. Obsessing over the clothes.

I'm not even kidding I spent SO LONG last night scrolling through the website. They carry three of my favorite brands ever. No joke. Finders Keepers, Keepsake, and Cameo. You need to check it out!

And did I mention you get 10% off your first order PLUS all sale is an extra 30% off right now?!

I just ordered this dress (sorry I ordered the LAST one):

Check it out!


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