I've been on Instagram a whole lot lately because it's a really fun way to share my style with everyone.

I decided to put together a little post of my recent uploads.

I'm a little obsessed with my new garment rack in my room. I put my favorite/new fashion items on it and it looks super cute! 

Rack - Container Store

I got these 3 products (along with my new white faux fur rug) and I'm so excited to try them out.

NARS, Laura Mercier, & Bumble and Bumble

I absolutely adore Tory Burch shopping bags! This is the smallest size!!

This part of my room is my favorite (besides my garment rack and my bed of course!) because of the brightness and happiness! It has my favorite fragrance and bag!

Bag - Céline | | Shoes - ASOS | | Perfume - Marc Jacobs "Daisy"

I LOVE this nail polish. I was on the hunt for the perfect fall nail polish and I decided on black. Surprised? No, not really.

Nail Polish - ESSIE in "Licorice"

Some new items!

Left to Right - Forever 21, H&M, Forever 21

My favorite perfume of all time. Ich liebe!! (Did I tell you I'm learning German?)

And on the topic of German, you've probably noticed some of my Instagram comments in German...I want to learn it so bad so I'm trying to incorporate it everywhere! Also, I follow/am followed by a lot of German bloggers, so it's fun to make conversation with them!!

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  1. I absolutely love your insta, it's always one of my favs. And I love the picture of the shelf with the tory burch bag, so cute.


  2. Loved this post! Your pictures are perfect and so you!



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