I haven't posted an outfit post in so darn long! Of course I'll have my Thanksgiving outfit up later and thankfully when I'm in NYC the weekend of December 5th, I'm hiring a photographer to take some outfit posts for me! #yayforprofeshphotos

In the meantime, here's my "insta-lately":

A major score from H&M...this top is more of a summer top, but I had to snatch it right when I saw it!!

My happy corner...I love my new fashion rack and shelf in my room. It's so me!

#ootd (on Wednesday I think?) Plaid - Brandy Melville | | Jacket - Jcrew | | Scarf - Forever 21

What's a Sunday without Gossip Girl and Starbucks? (A Gingerbread Latte, knowing me).

#ootd (on Monday) Plaid - Brandy Melville | | Vest - Jcrew Factory

The fave.

Instagram - @style_by_salli



  1. I cannot wait to see pictures from your NYC trip! How exciting!
    Devon Alana

  2. Great pics, Salli! And really cute outfits!!!!!!!


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