This is a simple DIY to make this!

I was [re]watching Gossip Girl (for the 5th time) and saw this Prada sign at the van der Woodsens' house and fell in love. But not with the price tag. You can buy them for around $450, which I didn't want to spend.

So I decided, why not do a DIY? I found a large canvas in my basement (I'd recommend you get a 2ft x 3ft) and just freehanded the drawing off of this picture:

If you're not comfortable freehanding, print out the right size letters (from above) and trace around them on your canvas, spaced out well, and paint the letters in. If you miss a couple spots, just wait for it to dry and use a black sharpie to fill in the rest.

I'm really happy with how mine turned out! It was pretty easy and super rewarding! Mine isn't perfect (definitely looks handmade), but I loove it.



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  2. This is so cute and I really want to try it!

    xo, Katie


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