Tomorrow I go back to school *cries*

We are going out to dinner tonight and this is the look I'm planning to wear. I may or may not be going to the dinner, because I waited until the last possible second to do all my homework. AKA an essay, reading a book, online math work, 4 pages of history notes, a packet for Entrepreneurship get the picture (it's not a pretty one). It's typical of me to wait until the last day to do all my work, but what can I say? It sucks having to do homework over break. I mean, it's called break, right?

This look is a simple outfit I put together...the top is from Nasty Gal (my love), the skirt was a steal from H&M ($5, plus tax), and the shoes are a new addition from the sale section at DSW (Jessica Simpson)...only $30 (thanks daddy for the gift card!).

I love black on black, but you probably already know that. The shoes are just a fun touch.


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