This was my outfit on Saturday. I received this vest and knew I had to wear it, as orange is supposed to be all the rage F/W 15...

Believe it or not, I got pretty cold (haha! I was FREEZING). This vest kept me surprisingly warm, however, it was my bare legs that got me in trouble with the winds.

Vest - Herm├Ęs | | Boots - Stuart Weitzman 5050 (in Black Nappa) | | Skirt - She Inside | | Top - Urban Outfitters | | Bag - Phillip Lim Pashli | | Hat - H&M

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Photos by Lydia Hudgens
This is my outfit for Sunday, day 3 of NYFW. I actually ended up using this coat a lot more than originally anticipated...I wore it over my sleeveless coat from Nasty Gal for a street chic look to the Tommy Hilfiger show...

Jacket - BooHoo | | Dress - Urban Outfitters (sold out, other options linked below) | | Boots - Stuart Weitzman 5050 | | Bag - 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli (in large)

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Also, another share here...I met one of my readers, Karen! She has a blog (linked to her name) so you have to check it out. It was so incredibly nice meeting her! She is the sweetest!!


Photos by Lydia Hudgens
Sometimes it's hard to find things that are equally healthy and delicious. I've always had a taste for mozzarella, tomato, and basil together and this panini is now a recurring theme in my diet. I wanted to show you guys a different side to my blog with this delicious sandwich I made using chibatta bread.

Ingredients (amount is personal preference):
1 tomato
A little basil
A couple slices of mozzarella
1 loaf of chibatta bread

While this is probably the easiest thing to make EVER! It still might be helpful, at least a little ;-)

Step 1. Light the burner and set down your skillet.
Slice your bread and set it in the skillet.
Slice your tomato and lay it down on your bread.

Step 2. Slice your mozzarella.
Wash your basil.

Step 3. Put the mozzarella in the sandwich.

Step 4. Put on your basil!

Step 5. Using another skillet (at least that's what I used), squish down your sandwich, making a panini and crisping the layer of bread.
Don't forget to flip it over and repeat!

Step 6. Enjoy!

 I hope this was (sort of) entertaining. I love making these and so far this month I've probably make at least 5. They're so easy and delicious.

New York Fashion Week Day 2, AKA Valentine's Day. I woke up, and after changing, headed to Le Pain Quotidian for breakfast (croissant, cappuccino, chocolate spread, the works). After that, I went to meet Lydia to take the pictures for my blog. This was the first outfit we shot. I love this cape (mostly because it was only $40...). It was the perfect outfit for Valentine's.

Cape - Nasty Gal | | Skirt - She Inside | | Sweater - Forever 21 | | Boots - Stuart Weitzman 5050 | | Bag - 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli

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I also wanted to share that I met one of my all-time favorite bloggers, Kristina Bazan at the Tommy Hilfiger show...

She is beautiful inside and out!

Above is a video of the finale of the #tommyfall15 show!


Photos by Lydia Hudgens
Most of you who are on Instagram probably know by now, that it is indeed New York Fashion Week (as we speak, or rather as you read...). I was fortunate enough to go last Friday until yesterday, Monday. While I'm cozied back in my bed in DC, the bustling crowd is STILL in New York, shows going on, pictures being snapped, and bloggers doing their thing. Friday, I left at 7 A.M. (in the freezing cold) headed for my favorite city. Upon arrival, I got in a cab and got to my grandfathers' apartment, where I was staying. 

Let me tell you that when I got dressed in my Friday look and headed to the Lincoln Center later that day, it was scarce. I mean, no one was there. I think that day it might've been in the single digits (with strong, cold winds), so who really wanted to stand out in the cold? Well, on Saturday, when I met with Lydia Hudgens (an amazing photographer), I'd forgotten to bring my knee high black socks, so I had to dash to Century 21 to pick up a new pair. Luckily, I found a fleece-lined pair and ended up buying two! Anyway, here is my Friday look. I hope you enjoy...

Hat - H&M | | Shirt - Jcrew | | Sweater - Banana Republic | | Blazer - Marc by Marc Jacobs | | Socks - Century 21 | | Shoes - Nike x Jcrew | | Bag - 3.1 Phillip Lim | | Scarf - Calvin Klein | | Sleeveless Coat - Nasty Gal | | Skirt - She Inside

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Photos by Lydia Hudgens
Fur is a great way to get attention this season. Whether it be a bag, a vest, a jacket, or even a skirt, I always find myself drawn to (faux) furs when I go shopping. It's easy to throw this vest over a simple outfit to pull the look together. It's a great outfit for a day in the city because it's stylish and also practical.

Vest - Tinsel via TJMaxx | | Shoes - Tory Burch | | Sweater - H&M | | Pants - Joe's | | Bag - 3.1 Phillip Lim

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