Sometimes it's hard to find things that are equally healthy and delicious. I've always had a taste for mozzarella, tomato, and basil together and this panini is now a recurring theme in my diet. I wanted to show you guys a different side to my blog with this delicious sandwich I made using chibatta bread.

Ingredients (amount is personal preference):
1 tomato
A little basil
A couple slices of mozzarella
1 loaf of chibatta bread

While this is probably the easiest thing to make EVER! It still might be helpful, at least a little ;-)

Step 1. Light the burner and set down your skillet.
Slice your bread and set it in the skillet.
Slice your tomato and lay it down on your bread.

Step 2. Slice your mozzarella.
Wash your basil.

Step 3. Put the mozzarella in the sandwich.

Step 4. Put on your basil!

Step 5. Using another skillet (at least that's what I used), squish down your sandwich, making a panini and crisping the layer of bread.
Don't forget to flip it over and repeat!

Step 6. Enjoy!

 I hope this was (sort of) entertaining. I love making these and so far this month I've probably make at least 5. They're so easy and delicious.


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