Most of you who are on Instagram probably know by now, that it is indeed New York Fashion Week (as we speak, or rather as you read...). I was fortunate enough to go last Friday until yesterday, Monday. While I'm cozied back in my bed in DC, the bustling crowd is STILL in New York, shows going on, pictures being snapped, and bloggers doing their thing. Friday, I left at 7 A.M. (in the freezing cold) headed for my favorite city. Upon arrival, I got in a cab and got to my grandfathers' apartment, where I was staying. 

Let me tell you that when I got dressed in my Friday look and headed to the Lincoln Center later that day, it was scarce. I mean, no one was there. I think that day it might've been in the single digits (with strong, cold winds), so who really wanted to stand out in the cold? Well, on Saturday, when I met with Lydia Hudgens (an amazing photographer), I'd forgotten to bring my knee high black socks, so I had to dash to Century 21 to pick up a new pair. Luckily, I found a fleece-lined pair and ended up buying two! Anyway, here is my Friday look. I hope you enjoy...

Hat - H&M | | Shirt - Jcrew | | Sweater - Banana Republic | | Blazer - Marc by Marc Jacobs | | Socks - Century 21 | | Shoes - Nike x Jcrew | | Bag - 3.1 Phillip Lim | | Scarf - Calvin Klein | | Sleeveless Coat - Nasty Gal | | Skirt - She Inside

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Photos by Lydia Hudgens


  1. Need those shoes! Love that I got to see this look in action!

    1. So happy we met!! Next time we're both in the city we must meet again!!


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