I was doing the daily scroll down my Instagram feed (okay, maybe it's more like 7 times a day) and I stumbled upon a picture of a dog with it's front legs being held behind its back along with the hashtag #stopyulin2015. Now, I'm very interested in the topic of animal cruelty. I'm passionate about it and it breaks my entire heart to hear about it. I clicked on the hashtag only to find thousands of horrible images and quotes. I'll insert an image below of an explanation.
I won't insert a graphic image because a lot of them were hard for me to look at and I don't want to put that on you.

Animal cruelty is an issue that makes my heart want to snap in a million little pieces and seeing these images rubbed me completely the wrong way. I can't stand to think about these poor animals and how cruel humans are to kill innocent dogs and cats. It isn't fair of us, humans, to use our power to do things like this.

If you could take two seconds out of your day to sign this petition and this petition against this "festival" it would make such a difference. Thank you so, so much.

This has to come to a stop and you can help!

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