My room is far from ever being complete, but I thought I'd share the latest look. All white, clean, and simple. This is my favorite room ever because I love how bright it is and fresh. The fashion rack is so me and adds the perfect style element to the space. As does the shelving system which holds my favorite shoes of the moment. I decorated with shopping boxes and bags.

The simplicity of the desk area is perfect for the room. The furry white rug compliments the space with texture and the clear desk chair (while wildly uncomfortable) is stunning in this corner.

Desk - antique | | Chair - IKEA | | Rug - Walmart | | Rack - Container Store | | Shelves - IKEA



  1. Your room looks so cool! I love thw desk area.


  2. Okay I'm obsessed.. but every time I see a picture of your room I cannot help but thinking of how amazing the lighting for Instagram pics must be hahahaha


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