I'm not the biggest fan of jewelry, you could say. I'll wear it on occasion, although only one piece pops into my head when I think about jewelry I've worn in the past year or so.

I went to Bloomingdale's a few days ago just to take a look around. I passed the Alex & Ani counter, which I usually walk right past considering I'm not a bracelet wearer. But this time I decided to take a look around and ended up buying two bracelets, one is an Aries sign and the other is a crown. Both meant special things to me so I thought they'd be the perfect addition to my arm candy (of which I had none). The ring and the chunkier cuff are both from Rocksbox, an online jewelry program (use the code "sallixoxo" at checkout!) and I thought they were really cute, considering they're all gold.

I just ordered a few more bracelets (these are colored...) to add to my growing stack. What have I been missing all these years??

The pictures are of my stack so far! You can also get a hint of my outfit that day...

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