Transitioning is a weird period in between Fall and Summer when it's still warm, but it's technically Fall. Mixing pieces from both seasons feels weird, but it's how I manage during the awkward stage.

I paired a light blazer from Marc Jacobs over this shirtdress. The sandals are warm weather appropriate and I added my well loved black purse. Having a shirtdress is a great transition piece because you can layer easily with a scarf, jacket, cardigan, you name it or just wear it as-is for a more Summery look.

Shirtdress - H&M | | Jacket - Marc by Marc Jacobs | | Sandals - ZARA | | Bag - Céline


Photos by Lydia Hudgens
Trendlee and I decided to bring to you a collaboration. They sent me a mini Proenza Schouler bag on loan (which I die for). I used it in a shoot to show you how I styled it. It's the cutest little bag ever and I'm so into orange right now so it made perfect sense! If you use the code "SALLISTYLED" at checkout, you can receive 5% off of your order on an amazing designer handbag!

I decided to pair it with my (mom's) green/grey pants which I'm super into right now (sorry mom!). I wore the white top for a clean base and to help the orange pop. The ZARA sandals are my season favorites and can't stop wearing them.

Pants - Jcrew (linked below) | | Top - ZARA basics | | Sunglasses - Rayban | | Bracelets - Kendra Scott, Brooklyn Charm | | Sandals - ZARA (old) | | Bag - Proenza Schouler via Trendlee (a great little bag--get it while you can!)

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Photos by Lydia Hudgens
I'm sitting here going through old pictures on iPhoto and just reminiscing about my blog and how far I've come. Blogging has taught me so much over the years, like how my sister is a damn good photographer and also how damn annoying I might have been. Have I ever mentioned that for, like, over a year she was my main photographer? I would drag her out the door, her with or without shoes, and around the neighborhood for the best lighting and background. It was countless months of struggling over the camera and us yelling at each other because I couldn't figure out the bokeh on my camera or the right angle. 

I'm going to share some old photos (not the cringeworthy ones...) with you because it makes me happy to see how far this blog has taken me and this journey I'm so grateful to be on.

It basically started when I got my first "real" camera. My dad got it for me for one of my birthdays a few years back. I was hooked. For the first couple months it was pictures of flowers, tree, you know. I was blogging at this time, about my new room, trends in beauty, and other random things I found entertaining. I had those crappy iPhone outfit pictures and decided I needed to upgrade to outfit pictures with my real camera. From that point on, it was me, my camera, and my sister. My camera was with me  all the time. Weekend Starbucks runs were accompanied by my Nikon and my sister would take outfit pictures for me on the sidewalk. It's been a long and difficult, at times, journey of these outfit pictures and figuring everything out and what looked the best. I spent hours online on my favorite blogs and tried to figure out the style of photography and all that. 

Since the beginning, I've learned real time management and commitment. I have been so dedicated to this blog and making it the best it can be. I've learned to commit long periods of time researching and using trial and error to figure out photography and the whole blogging "thing". It has been the greatest thing I've decided to do. I'm so happy I began blogging and I can't imagine having a life without being able to come here and connect with people who share the same interests as me.

Now that my sister is in college, I'm happy that I have a couple professional photographers to turn to for my blog, but I would never go back and only have used professionals. I think the trail and error of my blog and photography by my sister and me has taught me so much and I wouldn't give it up for the world!

This post has been SO long. But to sum it all up, thanks for reading for this far. It can only get better from here.

I know I've mentioned this about Fall, but suede is going to be a hit. With that in mind, I located the infamous Stuart Weitzman 5050 boots for, wait for it, 50% off. In suede. Doesn't get better.

Click here to be directed! They have red, black, brown, and dark brown. I just placed an order for a red pair! I can't wait to style them for Fall. Be on the lookout for them in my outfit posts!

Here are some ways to style, featuring my black leather 5050's last February during New York Fashion Week.

gridlock // via

orange is the new black // via

plaid cape // via

All photos taken by Lydia Hudgens

Quick outfit of the day for you! I got this new ZARA top for under $25 a few days ago. I paired it with $7 jeans from H&M which I ripped myself, Birkenstocks, and my favorite black purse.

On a side note, I'm dying for these boots from Stuart Weitzman (favorite shoe designer) and so I decided to clean out my closet and sell a ton of clothes and accessories that aren't used! I have a pair of Stuart Weitzman 5050's which I got last Winter and I swear they pair perfectly with EVERYTHING, so these Lowland boots will be perfect for Fall. Not to mention, suede is so in so these are awesome. Check out my Tradesy account for a list of everything for sale!

Fall is quickly sneaking up, as it always does. Summer has a way of slipping away just as fast as it arrived. When thinking about Fall, we are hit with the difficult task of creating an entire new wardrobe to prepare for a profuse amount of varying weathers, including snow and rain, where I'm located. So, to make the job a little easier, I've compiled a short but sweet list of (pre) Fall must-haves. At least for me.

A simple white top, like the one pictured from Topshop, is a necessity for all seasons, but comes in handy for Fall layering (ie. white top, army green light jacket, vest...).

Style with jeans and a coat with sandals (if weather permits!):

Vests are perfect for Fall weather, because it isn't insanely cold, but it is a little bit chilly. It also makes layering a whole lot easier and more interesting.

Style over a sweater with black ripped jeans and sandals/booties (featuring the dreamiest bag of all time--Hermés Kelly):

This embellished blazer is too-die-for, but you can settle for a simple black or navy blazer. Pop it over a simple grey tee, jeans, and booties and you're out the door!

Style over a playful dress with sandals and a crossbody:

Jeans, jeans, jeans. Distressed jeans. Intentional rips are soo cool and these two pairs are fabulous. Not to mention, what can you not pair with a good ripped jean?

Style with a cute sweater and boots/sandals:

Suede skirts. With buttons? Must I say more?

Style with a crop top and over-the-knee boots:


Booties are essential when planning for Fall. These work so well with any type of pants you throw their way.

Style with ripped jeans, a top, jacket, and bag:

Slip on sneakers are great for any weather, but they're especially perfect for chilly Autumn weather.

Style with a plaid/checked shirtdress and a bag:

Over the knee boots are a MUST! And by must I mean so buy a pair (or five) right now. No exaggerations, I could wear them everyday of the FW season. Suede boots are amazing, but I love leather as well.

Style with a skirt, top, and bag:

You can style black sandals so many different ways. they're neutral, but perfect for pre-Fall.

Style with shorts, a sweater crop top, a leather jacket, and bag:

Navy is the greatest Fall color and when it comes to bags, you can never have too many.

Style with a black romper, sandals, and light overcoat:

Bucket bags were so in last Fall, but I'm still so obsessed now!

Style with a collared dress and OTK boots for a simple look:

I hope you drew some inspiration and ideas for your pre-Fall wardrobe from this extremely long blog post. Enjoy! Be sure to check out my Polyvore to find all the links to the other products in the styling ideas!

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