Being an interior designer is something that I'm seriously considering pursuing in the future. It's jsut the right mix of business (which I want to learn in college) and also fashion. The prints and textures and woods and tables and sofas completely amaze me. Combinations that I would never have thought can look both chic and thrilling. This is definitely a passion I have, so frequently changing up my room is normal, right?

My sister's off to college, which leaves me with her sofa (I truly didn't just take it, she told me I could ;-) ).
The navy compliments my space so well. So I went with it. What's a trendy print going around right now? Banana leaf. So, I printed out four prints from my laptop, framed them with gold (because gold could really compliment the green, I thought) and hung them above the couch. Next step, a throw blanket, a faux fur rug, and a gold side table to match the gold frames. Oh, and also to hold my coffee.

I'm really excited about this space because now I have a place to read and blog in that's super chic, trendy, and so my style.

I hope you gathered inspiration or something from this post. I can't wait to be doing interior design posts because I'm excited to pursue it more soon.

Rug - Walmart | | Couch - PBTeen | | Side Table - Urban Outfitters | | Pillow - CB2


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