Interior design is an absolute obsession of mine. I thought I'd start a weekly "designer of the week", whether it be an interior designer, fashion designer, architect, you name it. For a while now, I've been religiously reading Architectural Digest and I stumbled upon this DREAM house. It's by my new favorite architect Gil Schafer and it's called the Longfield Farm. I'm a sucker for any stone mansion, but this one also has a horse barn.

His timeless, American look is absolutely incredible in the house.

I love how bright this space is and the incorporation of old paintings. The owners are equestrians, so it all works together for them. I'm also infatuated with the staircase and all of the little architectural details.

I am astounded by this detailing on the staircase above. The carvings are beautiful.

I admire how every room flows together. They all fit as one, with the deep woods, decadent carvings, and beautiful textures.

Dream kitchen, am I right?

The walls in the bathroom, above, are absolutely incredible. I love the colors and how textured it is.

The room above looks so cozy for either a night with a fire going, or a day like this with the french doors open to the outdoors. The beams on the ceiling are particularly great.

I just adore how much natural light fills up this house, the American classic look, and of course the horse inspiration everywhere.


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  1. Seems a nice place :)
    Maria V.


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