We all have our necessities. Our can't-live-without's that we use on the daily. For me, that's coffee, a good cross-body bag, leggings, plain tee shirts, and "arm-candy" of the day, if you will. I'm going to skip on expanding on the coffee, because that's a given. Who can function without at least two cups in the morning? However, I want to spend this post talking about the importance of these necessities that I worship so very much. 

If you asked me what my uniform was (ie. an outfit that I feel the most comfortable in; something I would put on everyday if I could), I would give the laziest response. If I could wear my fashion "uniform" everyday, I'd wear the most basic outfit in my closet: leggings, a simple tee shirt, sneakers or moccasin slippers, my go-to cross-body purse, and my daily stack, of course. This outfit is my basis for mostly all of my outfits. If you'd take a look at what I wear everyday, it's usually a variation of this outfit, sometimes layered with a jacket or sweater, etc. After years of experimenting with outfits and clothes and what I liked and didn't like on me, I've settled. I finally have an outfit that I feel the utmost comfort in.

So, without further ado, I bring to you my fashion necessity list:


I don't really have to expand on this bullet. We've all had a week spent only in leggings and trust me, I understand. While some people don't prefer to wear leggings, and stick to jeans or chinos, I find that a nice quality pair of leggings can take you a long way. My favorite leggings are GAP and LuluLemon and while both are pricey, they are great quality and will last a long while. Leggings are so comfortable and easy to wear. They are my default and are seamlessly added to any simple tee shirt. Which brings me to my next point.

Simple Tees

I can't stress it enough. I have been collecting Zara tees for a few years now. They are not only incredibly soft, but they are so versatile that I can legitimately wear them with anything. They are also transitioned from each season just by layering on top. Just tonight I wore a white Zara tee shirt, ballet flats, and leggings, layered with a chunky cardigan knit from Madewell. Adding simplistic jewelry finishes off the classic outfit. Simple tees from Zara are a white (or grey, navy, etc) canvas, so when I have no outfit ideas I pop a tee shirt on and start from there. Because everything and anything goes with a white canvas.

Cross-body Bag

I've had the black CĂ©line nano as my go-to bag for years now, so buying the Rebecca Minkoff navy bag was a breath of fresh air. While I love my black bag, the navy quilted crossbody is so classic and cute and goes with everything in my wardrobe. I love having a bag that is not only easy to carry around without hurting my shoulders, but I can perfectly fit the things I carry around on the daily without overpacking. Keys, my wallet, license, credit card, chapstick, mobile charger, and phone all fit like a glove and leave me without wanting to fit more. For example, if you give me a Madewell Transport Tote (which I own and love, by the way), you can for sure bet that I'm going to put unnecessary things into it just because it has so much space to fill. Keeping your daily bag as a crossbody or smaller purse is the way to go because it ensures that you pack just the right amount for daily life.

Arm Candy

I worship having a daily stack of bracelet that I wear no matter what. I began my stack with the idea of an understated, gold, simple stack. I first purchased my Kendra Scott bracelet at a party at the new(ish) Kendra Scott in Bethesda. I started wearing it everyday by its self, until I ventured to Chelsea Market for the first time and bought a personalize engraved bracelet. I put my horse's name on it, so it's really special and looks great next to my other one. And to top it off, I wear a monogrammed bracelet from my grandmother which adds just enough to my stack, without looking too gaudy.

We all have some necessities that we worship. What are yours?


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