First of all, Happy New Year. 2015 was a packed year, full of amazing experiences and new things! My blog has been such a fun place for me this past year and I hope you too! Here's to 2016 and everything new to come.

So my sister is moving her room to the basement apartment in my mom's house, which means her room (which is right next to mine) is going to be open. Obviously, I'm monopolizing it because, duh, my shoe collection doesn't all fit into my room. Just kidding. But I am taking over the room. I'm planning on moving my couch and desk over there and decorating it to be a welcoming place for me to hang out with my friends in and do homework, etc. And maybe I'll leave some space for half of my shoe collection...

Anyway, March/April is when I can decorate the room, which of course means I'm already planning the space. I've been digging the interior inspiration on Pinterest lately. I'm super active on it (follow me: "stylebysalli" is my username!) and re-pin tons of interiors. I've been searching bedrooms, since my room will be practically empty (just a bed and nightstand) when I move my couch and desk out. I'm planning on a fun geometric rug, a diy nailhead headboard, bed in the middle of the room, two bookshelf nightstands with matching lamps, decorative books, and some fun wall art. I also am thinking about adding a bench or two poufs to the end of my bed to finish it off. 

Wow, that was a looooong rant, which basically has nothing to do with this post. So, anyway (again), while searching on Pinterest I stumbled upon this freaking amazing bedroom, which led me to various pictures from a 2012 Elle Decor spread (photography by Jeremy Wilson) of an incredible apartment in Paris. So here I bring to you this amazing space. Enjoy.

I love the elegant, but effortless Parisian look that translates to their interiors. They are so minimalistic and simple, yet so powerful.

Those floor to ceiling doors are jaw-dropping and work so well for this space. The natural light is amazing, especially when doing your makeup (at that gorgeous vanity area!). The dusty rose and whites work so well in this space.

PS, I spy an adorable, color blocked shift dress. Can I have it?

The nightstand matches the vanity and the throw pillow pulls in the dusty rose from the dressing room. The white bedding is simple, but gives your eye a break from the ornate gold bed frame and (incredible) rich chevron flooring (although who needs a break...I'd stare at that detailing for hours if I could). Did anyone else notice the horse ribbon hung on the wall? 



  1. This is mesmerizing indeed! What a pleasure it would be to come home daily to a heaven on earth to calm the tired senses after a hard day’s of work at the self storage. I would be more than just delighted to own such a stunning abode to call my own. This gives me some interior ideas for future proposals hopefully.

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