Being an equestrian and having to wear breeches and tall boots for half of my life, I think it's kind of silly to see women running around in fashion-inspired riding outfits. That's mostly because the brands charge practically double what you could get at a tack shop. However, I'll admit that I catch myself mixing my riding wardrobe into my daily wear. For example, these pants are my casual riding pants because they have an elastic waist band and I can't bring myself to not look put together with a belt, even while riding. I wear these all the time. I wore them today because they're so comfortable. They're practically leggings. Anyway, paired with my Stuart Weitzman black nappa leather 5050's to achieve this equestrian-inspired look.

This Rebecca Minkoff is honestly one of my favorite purses of all time. I love a good crossbody, as I've stated so many times. This bag is the perfect daily purse because it holds my keys, phone, and wallet and it's so heavy that it gives me arm aches (lol, it has happened!). I tend to overpack when there's space (and buy more clothes when there's closet space...), so having a bag that restricts that is awesome.

Boots - Stuart Weitzman | | Pants - TuffRider | | Sweater - Jcrew | | Vest - Jcrew | | Bag - Rebecca Minkoff | | Wallet/Keychain - Rebecca Minkoff

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