I told my mom that this is probably one of my favorite looks to date. I just love all the pieces and they work so well together. So I wore this two days ago (Happy Valentine's Day btw) to hang out with my friends Claire and Delphine and go to NYFW. I'll include some pictures from then below as well. It was practically the Arctic in New York this weekend. Yesterday was 10 degrees or something crazy like that. So I definitely recommend getting a faux fur vest (faux of course...). Mine has come in handy and is so so warm for the crazy weather, yet looks so chic. Oh and how badass is this camera? The pictures are so awesome, but that could just be because my mom is super talented (at many things) when it comes to taking my outfit pictures.

Jeans - BooHoo | | Shoes - Adidas | | Vest - TJMaxx | | Sweater - H&M

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And here's outside one of the NYFW locations. I love spotting cool street style outside of the shows.

And below is a place we went to on the Upper West Side called Vive la Crepe. I got the smoked salmon with arugula, cream cheese, and capers. SO delish!!


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