I have so often done NYC guides and I think it's time I do another edition (a quick one just featuring one day). So my mom and I went to the Whitney on this past Saturday the 13th and let me TELL you: the view is not to be missed.

First of all, here is my outfit from that day. I brought a limited amount of clothing, but mismatched to create this. Since it was about ten degrees on Saturday, I wore my jacket from ZARA layered with my faux fur vest. I wore a Madewell button down, BooHoo ripped jeans, my favorite Adidas sneakers, and my beloved 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli (btw, it's a large in case anyone was wondering).

^ (Taken by my beautiful mother)

1) The Whitney Museum

As you can tell, it was SO windy (freezing winds, I should mention), so my hair is a little bit out of control. However, I knew I had to get pictures on the balcony. It's just so cool! Here are a few more pictures of the view:

How insane is that view? (Check out more on my vsco: sallimandel.vsco.co)

After the Whitney, I took the subway down to SoHo and met Danielle Marie (check out her YouTube channel here!). She is such a sweet, funny, and stylish gal and I had so much fun hanging out with her. She lives in Florida, but was up in the city so we thought it'd be to perfect time to finally meet! It was honestly perfect because we are so similar and when we both showed up to brunch we were both wearing a fur vest (faux of course...), black/navy coats, ripped jeans, and a black bag. Not to mention that I wore my Adidas superstars and she wore black booties, but we both were thinking about wearing the other pair that morning (ie. I was going to wear my black booties and she was going to were her Adidas superstars). I thought that was so so funny that we were so similar in style! So this brings me to number two in this NYC guide...

2) Happy Bones NYC

Happy Bones is this little espresso shop in SoHo. Not only is the aesthetic incredible (ie. marble tables, white brick walls, tortoise spoons...you get the picture), but the coffee and pastries are SO GOOD! I got a passion fruit donut and a cappuccino and highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. (Here's the address: 394 Broome Street. New York, NY 10013). I also want to point out how great it was hanging out with someone who appreciates taking a quality Instagram picture as much as I do. Whenever I go to brunch or to get a quick coffee with friends, I make everyone wait until we're all served, layout the picture, and take tons. We were both taking so many pictures of our brunch, it was so funny.

^ (taken by Danielle)

3. Brandy Melville

I am a huge lover of Brandy (who isn't). They have such soft and cute stuff so I always try to stop in when I'm near one. We walked past the one in SoHo and obviously had to go in and buy a few things.

(Always taking mirror pics in dressing rooms)

4. Ladurée SoHo

I have been to this one so many times. I went to the one in Paris, the one in Rome, and love the one on Madison Avenue. However, the one in SoHo is amazing. In the Springtime it's the best place for brunch, but it was definitely fun in mid Winter. We decided, after shopping, that we wanted to sit down, edit pictures, and eat something more. So I'd seen a blogger post a picture of these green chairs and fur covers on Instagram a few hours earlier, so I showed it to the hostess behind the counter and asked if we coud eat there. She gave us a funny look and said she'd check. I was assuming that so many people would be out there and she wasn't sure if there was any room left for us (it's called the terrace for anyone who wants to sit there), but it turned out no one was eating there because it's sort of "outside", so it's a little chilly. We ended up being the only people on the terrace and it wasn't cold at ALL, plus there was a heating lamp. So it ended up being super fun and we had the room all ourselves. 

^ (Taken by Danielle)

^ There's the brunch! How delicious does that look? We both got scrambled eggs and a fruit salad.

I think that concludes my mini guide, but here's a photo of us to end this post off with!

^ Near Little Italy...so beautiful!

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  1. Love your outfit and that view! I've been living through your instagram and all your amazing New York shots!



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