I've feel like I've redone my room at least 5 times in the past few years, but I promise it's there. For real this time. I think it reflects my style so well and I'm really happy with how it's (finally) turned out. I thought I'd show you a few shots around the room with pictures I took today. As you can tell, I love banana leaf print (so much) and I love having color in this space.

I think it's absolutely essential to wake up in a room that reflects you and makes you happy. This room is definitely a pleasure for me to be able to wake up to. I also feel like this arrangement of the furniture, which leaves open space in the center of room, is really helpful for me because it makes the space feel bigger to me than it is.

Couch - PB Teen | | Pillow - CB2 | | Rug - Walmart | | Gold Side Table - Urban Outfitters | | Ottoman - DIY'd: Fabric from Etsy, Ottoman from IKEA | | Shelf/Bedside Table - IKEA | | Desk Chair - IKEA | | Clothing Rack - Container Store


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