I've been in the market for a pair of white shorts for Spring and Summer. I found this pair and was lucky enough to have Shop The Mint send me them! I absolutely adore these shorts and I can't wait to style them more this Summer. I was also thinking that they would be so cute for a music festival or something. I might go to a the Sweet Life Festival in May, so I would definitely wear these with a Brandy Melville crop top and converse or sandals. They'll also be amazing at the beach this Summer. 

Be sure to check out these shorts, which I've linked above and below, and check out their website. They always have the cutest pieces and I love online shopping at their shop! They have some great Spring pieces right now.

Shorts - Shop The Mint c/o | | Sandals - ZARA | | Sweater - Jcrew

You've definitely seen this patterned ZARA skirt before and it's back! Now that the weather is amazing, I've pulled out all of my skirts and shorts. Yay!

Skirt- ZARA | | Top - ZARA | | Sandals - GoJane


Pictures by my mom :)
I got these shorts last year at ZARA and I'm so in love. They are honestly one of the cutest pairs I own. I wore them with my mom's grey sweater from Jcrew and this amazing gold coin necklace. I also wore neutral sandals which look really cute with this.

Sweater - Jcrew | | Shorts - ZARA | | Sandals - GoJane

I have honestly been a bad DC citizen for the entirety of my life. I've been wishing I lived in NYC for years because of the trendy spots and cool cafés, but (I know this is silly) I just realized that DC has so much to offer. I just realized. A little late to the game. Anyway, since my cousins were coming down I was trying to find some cool places to go for brunch and stumbled upon some awesome cafés and restaurants. This led me to following some DC food Instagrams and before long, I created my own (@stylebysallieats). So here is a little guide for some quality places to eat in DC:

Paul Bethesda: Paul is a French chain bakery/café that is SO delicious. Their location in Bethesda is the one I constantly go to, but I've been to one in NYC and one in South Beach, Miami. My favorite is the quinoa, salmon. and lemon salad (pictured below). I also always get one of my all time favorite desserts (besides cannolis), a strawberry tarlet.

Above was brunch at Paul with my sister and daddy. I got an iced coffee and strawberry eclair. AMAZING!

(Yes, I got the same meal twice.)

sweetgreen Bethesda: I love any sweetgreen, but this one has amazing natural light and I love the vibe in Bethesda. There's also a sweetgreen in Georgetown that I love going to. Pictured below, I got a romaine lettuce, parmesan, quinoa, onion, balsamic vinaigrette, and garbanzo bean salad. Delicious!

Fruitive: When my cousins came down, I found this awesome, trendy spot called Fruitive. Their menu looks amazing and i really want to try it for lunch sometime, but the other day we went for breakfast. We all got smoothie bowls which were incredible. This smoothie bowl was made of cashew milk, blueberries, strawberries, açai, and banana, topped with granola, blueberries, strawberries, and banana. So good!

Centrale: This trendy spot in downtown DC is really good. I'm going today, as a matter of fact, but I've only been once before. I got a vegetarian burger with fries and it was delicious!

Breadfurst: This little bread café opened next to a gas station and apartment building a few years back, but don't be deceived: it's amazing. I'd recommend a latte and donut, but their various pastries look like heaven.

Le Pain Quotidien (Massachusetts Avenue and Georgetown locations): I love Le Pain and find my way to one often. I'm obsessed with the avocado toast and various iced teas.

Politics and Prose: Located on Connecticut Avenue, near Comet Pizza (another favorite), Politics and Prose is the perfect combination: books and coffee. I love the vibe of the coffeehouse, where people are talking, working, or reading, and drinking cappuccinos.

 Guapos: This Mexican place has been a favorite for so many years. Their Mexican rice is too DIE for. It's also really fun to go and sit near the bar at a high table, to watch hockey games.

 Homemade Meals: Since I live in DC, I thought I'd throw in two meals that my cousins and I prepared when they were down here. For lunch on Wednesday, we made smoothie bowls from peaches, cashew/almond milk, berry medley, and raspberries, topped with mango, granola, banana, and strawberries. the second picture is a shot of the vegan cinnamon rolls we made one morning. Well, don't tell anyone, but we "made" them from a package we got at Giant.

Indigo House: Like the Bethesda spots, this place is located in Maryland, but it's so worth it. Plus, it is barely outside of DC, so I recommend it for sure. It's right off of Macarthur Blvd and is delicious. I love the fried rice, but pictured below is the house salad and vegetable spring rolls. SO good.

My cousins, Eve and Chloe, came down to DC for two nights and we had a blast. On Tuesday we went to Fruitive, a juice bar and smoothie bowl café in downtown DC, visited the Wonder exhibit at the Renwick Gallery, and went to the Paul for lunch in Bethesda. On Wednesday we decided to tan a little bit. This was my outfit for the pool: white shorts from Urban and a striped top from ZARA. I also added these handmade sandals from Greek to this outfit because I was dying to wear them after getting them a week ago. They are such beautiful sandals and are so well made. Also, they're surprising SUPER comfortable. I definitely recommend getting a pair! I posted a quick snap of my outfit yesterday and received so many compliments on these gorgeous sandals. Perfect for a tropical vacation!

Top - ZARA | | Shorts - Urban Outfitters | | Sandals - Dimitras Workshop via Etsy

So I found a blogger who had the most adorable tasseled sandals from ZARA. Since they were from a few years ago, I had to find a dupe and found this pair from UrbanOG. I think they're really cute and will go with a lot of my outfits this Spring and Summer.

Sandals -  UrbanOG | | Jeans - Abercrombie | | Bag - 3.1 Phillip Lim via Net-a-Porter | | Top - ZARA | | Cardigan - Jcrew


Pictures by my sister :)

I'm so pleased with the weather recently. It's been so nice, but breezy enough to wear jeans and light cardigans.

This outfit is compiled of my Spring basics: lace up sandals in a neutral tone, a crossbody bag, black shorts, and a simple striped top. I love how these pieces look together. It's such a fun and simple outfit. I can't wait for Spring break next week to bring you more Spring outfits.

I also am dying to get a tan so my skin isn't a lighter shade than my "tan" colored sandals (hah!).

Top - ZARA | | Bag - 3.1 Phillip Lim via Net-a-Porter | | Shorts - Theory | | Sandals - GoJane

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It's that time again when it's almost warm, but sometimes chilly. So, I'm stuck wearing jeans with sandals, shorts with sneakers, etc. Today I'm wearing a basic outfit with jeans and sandals. Since these are darker wash jeans, I probably won't wear these in April or May and wear my lighter wash stuff instead, but for March I think it's okay.

Sandals - GoJane | | Jenas - BooHoo | | Top - ZARA

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