This top is absolutely AMAZING! I got it while I was in NYC at American Eagle Outfitters. I never shop there, but I was finding all sorts of clothing that I wanted to buy. This top is a part of their Soft & Sexy collection, which is made from their signature jersey material. It's super soft and incredible. I also love the tie dye feeling to it.

Top - American Eagle | | Shorts - ZARA | | Shoes - Go Jane | | Wrap Bracelet - ALV Jewels

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Pictures by my mom! :)
We finally got to the beach today and the house we're renting is amazing! This is my outfit for the night. I'm so excited to take outfit pictures and tannnnn this week! Yay!

I love a simple shift dress and I paired it with these Steve Madden sandals which were on sale for $35!! I love this simple and casual outfit for an easy night out at the beach!

Dress c/o - Tobi | | Shoes - Steve Madden | | Bracelet - ALV Jewels


Pictures by my sister!!
I got back from the city on Sunday night and I've been so so busy since then. It's crazy how busy my summer has been compared to past years. I've had one super relaxed day (Monday) for at least three weeks now, during which I slept for ten hours (which is incredible for me, because I usually get 8 hours and wake up at 6:30). New York City is definitely exhausting, so a day of relaxation and sleep was just what I needed.

I've ridden every day since I've been back and today is my horse's birthday which is so exciting. He has entered the double digits (#ten)!!

Anyway, here is another "guide" post for you which is basically a collection of cool places and restaurants I went last week in NYC. I hope this is helpful when you are planning your next trip to the Big Apple.

1) The Lululemon in SoHo is so big and amazing. I don't own a ton of Lululemon, although it is one of my favorite places ever. For someone who doesn't work out a ton (except riding every day), I sure love exercise clothes. Maybe it'll motivate me to workout if I buy it...? With this cute new sports bra, I'll definitely want to go on a run. I love the crossed back and the color is perfect.

2) Puglia Ristorante in Little Italy is a really cute little hidden gem. We got a TON of food and this canole was one of the best I've had.

3) Since it was my friend's birthday weekend from Friday - Sunday, I stayed with her at a hotel. The view was beautiful.

4) I'm not the best biker or biggest fan of it, especially when it's 99ºF out, but we stopped at a few important spots in Central Park along the ride and the Belvedere Castle was one of them. It's located right next to the West 79th Tranverse Rd, which runs through the park, and overlooks Turtle Pond near Shakespeare Garden and the Delacorte Theater. The view is absolutely beautiful and there are so many turtles swimming in the pond.

5) I had never been to Juice Generation before, but after our bike ride we stopped by and it was SO good. I got a mucho mango smoothie juice and it was delicious. It rejuvenated me and refreshed me so much.

6) On Sunday, before leaving, we went row-boating. I've seen people rowing in Central Park by the Bethesda Terrace at the Loeb Boathouse, but I'd never done it before then. While it was super hot out and the rowing was hard work, the picture opportunities were worth it for sure. It was breathtaking.

7) Chelsea Market is a cool place, for sure, and the Anthropologie is one of my favorite spots. Oh, and here is my outfit from Saturday. I'm wearing a Brandy Melville t-shirt dress, sandals from Steve Madden (which were on sale for $35!!), and my favorite wrap bracelet from ALV Jewels.

8) There is so much hype surrounding Jack's Wife Freda and I can definitely see why. It is delicious and so trendy. I loved the mint lemonade in particular.

9) Walking around the Plaza is always fun, and the pictures are VSCO worthy.

10) I love these neon signs and this one at H&M on 5th Ave was awesome.

11) I'd never heard of Fresh & Co before, but it's a sweetgreen sort of place where you can make your own salad. They have other healthy foods, too.

 What are your favorite spots in the city?

I went back home to D.C. for the weekend. Even though I love staying in the city, I thought it would be best to go home and ride a couple times and see my dad before I'm here in the city for another week. Anyway, today was my first day of my second week here back in New York. I was at my design program from 10 until 4 (thankfully not late after the debacle of the L being shut down this morning...). Afterwards, I met my cousin, Chloe, again. We planned to go to Chalait, a trendy matcha coffee shop, however the weather had a different plan for us. The thunderstorm kept us near the subway stop, so we went to Whole Foods and had a late lunch/early dinner. I had samosas, rice, potatoes, and tabouli. I also had a chocolate chip muffin and an iced coffee drink.

My outfit today was a pair of ripped denim shorts by Tobi, a button down from Madewell, my Stan Smith sneakers, and my Céline.

As for my new feed concept on my Instagram, I've changed my color scheme to more of a blue hue theme. I really love it so far:


Outfit picture by my cousin, Chloe :)

With the humidity so high, my hair was not on my side yesterday. I've ended up wearing it in a braid most of the time, like in these pictures. I really like it in one or two french braids, but sometimes I put it in a ponytail or bun. I wore this outfit all day because I was going out to dinner and I couldn't change, but I really love this look. I've wore this skirt so so many times, but it's definitely worth it (and it's on sale for TEN dollars right now!!!!). It's such a cute pattern and the perfect style for this time of year. I love it paired with a neutral top, black or white, and either neutral sandals or, in this case, my Stan Smith sneakers.

Also, in my last post I did nothing but rave about this bag. But seriously. It's the best. You need it, trust me!!

Top, Skirt - ZARA | | Bag - Jcrew | | Sneakers - Adidas

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Pictures by my cousin, Eve. Edited by me! :)
I've been extremely busy lately with a horse show all of last week and then a program here in New York for two weeks. It's been fun so far and the weather is pretty nice (although a little too hot). I've been able to hang out with my cousin Chloe twice already since I got here on Sunday.

Also, I have to talk about my new bag for a moment. I really wanted a tan crossbag because I surprisingly don't have one. I really looked all over the internet trying to find the perfect one. I narrowed it down to a bucket bag because I've always liked them, but never jumped on the trend. However, the problem was that they were all either too big, the wrong color, or had too much bling. I finally found this one which is so perfect. It's just the right size for me. It can fit my wallet, gum, Chapstick, phone, headphones, hand sanitizer, etc, with room, and can even fit my camera, however it isn't too big that I end up stuffing tons and tons of things into it.

On Monday, my mom and I found this bakery called Corrado on Lexington and 70th that I've now been going to everyday. I love their iced lattes and garden salads.

On Monday afternoon, Chloe and I met at Barney's on 
Madison and 60th and went to my favorite, the Genes Café. I highly recommend the iced caramel macchiato, the apple turnover, and the sugar cookie, although it was quite filling.

This was my outfit on the first day (shorts c/o - Shop The Mint):

This is the New York Public Library. I was near here with Chloe when we went to Bluestone Lane (which is really really good) near Bryant Park.

This was my outfit on Tuesday:

It never hurts to get some Ladurée...

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I got this shirt from the same place I got the last one, SheIn. It's a cheap place to get some cute clothes for Summer. This one is really adorable in particular and I think it looks great with these shorts!

Top - SheIn (linked below) | | Sandals - Go Jane (linked below) | | Shorts c/o - Shop The Mint

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Pictures by my mom :)
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