I've been extremely busy lately with a horse show all of last week and then a program here in New York for two weeks. It's been fun so far and the weather is pretty nice (although a little too hot). I've been able to hang out with my cousin Chloe twice already since I got here on Sunday.

Also, I have to talk about my new bag for a moment. I really wanted a tan crossbag because I surprisingly don't have one. I really looked all over the internet trying to find the perfect one. I narrowed it down to a bucket bag because I've always liked them, but never jumped on the trend. However, the problem was that they were all either too big, the wrong color, or had too much bling. I finally found this one which is so perfect. It's just the right size for me. It can fit my wallet, gum, Chapstick, phone, headphones, hand sanitizer, etc, with room, and can even fit my camera, however it isn't too big that I end up stuffing tons and tons of things into it.

On Monday, my mom and I found this bakery called Corrado on Lexington and 70th that I've now been going to everyday. I love their iced lattes and garden salads.

On Monday afternoon, Chloe and I met at Barney's on 
Madison and 60th and went to my favorite, the Genes Café. I highly recommend the iced caramel macchiato, the apple turnover, and the sugar cookie, although it was quite filling.

This was my outfit on the first day (shorts c/o - Shop The Mint):

This is the New York Public Library. I was near here with Chloe when we went to Bluestone Lane (which is really really good) near Bryant Park.

This was my outfit on Tuesday:

It never hurts to get some Ladurée...

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  1. New York is always so fun! These pictures are gorgeous!


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