I went back home to D.C. for the weekend. Even though I love staying in the city, I thought it would be best to go home and ride a couple times and see my dad before I'm here in the city for another week. Anyway, today was my first day of my second week here back in New York. I was at my design program from 10 until 4 (thankfully not late after the debacle of the L being shut down this morning...). Afterwards, I met my cousin, Chloe, again. We planned to go to Chalait, a trendy matcha coffee shop, however the weather had a different plan for us. The thunderstorm kept us near the subway stop, so we went to Whole Foods and had a late lunch/early dinner. I had samosas, rice, potatoes, and tabouli. I also had a chocolate chip muffin and an iced coffee drink.

My outfit today was a pair of ripped denim shorts by Tobi, a button down from Madewell, my Stan Smith sneakers, and my CĂ©line.

As for my new feed concept on my Instagram, I've changed my color scheme to more of a blue hue theme. I really love it so far:


Outfit picture by my cousin, Chloe :)

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  1. Loving this casual, everyday look.




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