As much as I don't want to think about going back to school (mostly because that means going to college next year), I have been shopping for clothes for back to school. Surprising for me, I haven't been shopping at all. Shocking, I know! The last time I bought anything was when I was in New York and I felt so guilty for buying a top and sandals that I texted my mom and she said that it's fine because I hadn't bought anything in such a long time (probably because I spend outrageous amounts of money on gas). For a fashion blogger, I don't shop nearly as much as anyone else these days. Anyway, I went on a huge closet purge and got rid of half of my closet. At least. I got rid of everything that I hadn't worn in a year. I feel so refreshed and cleansed because now my closet is only full of pieces that I actually wear. There are so many things I have bought because I liked how they looked, but I never actually wore them. I recommend trying to get rid of anything and everything you don't wear! It's such a great feeling to start fresh. So, since my closet is practically nonexistent, I thought that a little Fall shopping was needed.

In case you need some ideas, here are some cute things I found for you (to make your back to school clothing shopping a little easier):





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