I know it's a year before I leave for college, but I can't help starting to collect items that I love for my dorm room. I did a post like this a month or so ago, but since it's almost that time of year, I thought another, updated post was in order. So, here is an updated widget list of items that I LOVE for a dorm room. I am DYING to design mine! I love the rugs for the side of the bed and lots of decorative, colorful pillows. As you can see, I prefer gold over silver when it comes to accessories and decor. A neutral duvet is what I'd go for, with colorful throw pillows and a cute throw (like the Herm├ęs avalon in orange for a pop of color). If you can bring in your own desk chair, a comfy one is always good for long nights working. The faux fur one below looks so incredibly comfortable and chic. I love the Moroccan wedding basket for towels or shoes or something. I also LOVE the watercolor laundry basket. I also love having a cork or magnet board to put little pictures and souvenirs on. The string design thing with clips are also perfect for this.



  1. love love love this post. you got me planning 2 years early!!:)


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