I hope that everyone celebrating had a wonderful day yesterday. I had a busy day that was so incredibly fun! Christmas is by far my favorite holiday. You probably already know that, because I've said it ten times, but the entire ambience of my houses are simply the best. Since I got my acceptance to Syracuse prior to Christmas, my day was FILLED with orange and blue. Also, I can't wait to wear the clothes that I got as gifts for Christmas!!

A couple months ago, or so, my mom and I went to the Jcrew in Georgetown and we saw the New Balance x Jcrew collection. They had two color collections: grey and blue or orange and blue. I fell in LOVE with the orange and blue collection (because of Syracuse), but it was before I'd gotten in, so my mom surprised me with these INCREDIBLE leggings from the collection. I can't wait to wear these next year on gameday or to the gym! Wooooooo! I am definitely to be that person who wears only their school gear for the entirety of freshman year (ha!).

My sister, dad, stepmother, and I had the nicest morning. My dad made delicious waffles with strawberry topping and hot chocolate. Later, my sister and I went to our grandmother's house with my entire mom's side of the family. My grandmother has the best Christmas decorations and a HUGE tree. It was so fun to see everyone. Afterwards, my sister and I went back to our mom's house and relaxed by the fire with my mom and my stepdad and opened presents. We then went to my mom's brothers house for dinner with the family again. When we got back home, we watched the second Harry Potter. We are trying to have a marathon before school starts again. I totally forgot my huge obsession with it.

What did you do yesterday?


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