Here is my uniform, everyone! Leggings, Stan Smiths, army green jacket, and grey top. Basically what I wear every day. I'm more than obsessed with these sneakers, which you definitely know if you read my blog (I wear them every day). I love this color palette (obviously). I love green with grey and black for this time of year. 

I've actually gotten a little bored of my wardrobe lately. I feel like I wear the same combinations over and over again. So yesterday I ordered three new pairs of pants, two sweaters, and a top from BooHoo, and a pair of sneakers from Steve Madden and I CAN'T WAIT! None of them are crazy pieces (a.k.a. they are all within my comfortable color range), but they will definitely add some more to my closet.

On a side note, my mom, sister, stepdad, and I have been re-watching the Harry Potter series and I'm re-obsessed. OMG! I was brought back to my elementary school days when my friends and I would write our own Harry Potter world stories during lunch and would create imaginary games at recess. I also remembered my long time love for George Weasley (hahaha). 

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Pictures by my sister!:)

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  1. Love that outfit and top and your black pants



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