While procrastinating the HOURS of homework I have to finish, I was online shopping (typical) and I came across tons and tons (I mean TONS) of lace up shirts. Lace up sweaters, sweatshirts, dress, you name it. Lace up is SO in right now. I am totally jumping on the trend (I ordered a lace up dress from OOTDFash that is so adorable) and decided to bring a DIY. Some of these shirts can be INSANELY priced. I really wanted a Syracuse lace up shirt, but similar tops on Etsy sell for an average of, I'd say, $40 or close to that. You can use any top you want for this tutorial, but I am using a Syracuse top I bought over the summer.

Grommet trim (I'm using black)
A tee shirt of your choice
A needle and thread or a sewing machine
Some form of string (that fits through your grommets!)

First: Lay the grommet lace where you want it.

Second: Put tape at the edge of where you want your grommet lace, so that you know where to cut. Then cut out! Next, cut the correct length of your grommet lace.

Third: Pin down and sew the ends of the grommet lace side by side.

Fourth: Trim the end of the grommet lace, if there is any remaining. Lace through your string and you are done!


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