If you know me, you know that I am a SUCKER for decorating. I mean, I am studying interior design for the next four years of my life, so it does make sense. So, obviously, I've been shopping for my dorm room for over a year (lol!!). Luckily, I am now a representative for the company, Dorm-Decor, and I'm SO PSYCHED! Their products are SO CUTE!! They make headboards, pillows, bedding, cubbies, and more decor. I am in love with their stuff. You can use my code, sallimandel, for 10% off of your purchase (OMG!).

I thought I'd show you guys my inspiration for my dorm room and some of my favorite products from Dorm-Decor and a few other places. Here are some of my favorite products:

Here is some of my inspiration (all via Pinterest)!


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  1. I love the gold pouf. I've been looking for one just like it.



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