Here is what has been happening lately! This place, Milk, is so cool and trendy. We honestly only went in for the picture, but I am definitely going back to eat (hahaha).

City Center is so pretty downtown with the lights!

My cousin and I had cinnamon rolls for both mornings last weekend and I'm not over it. They were so delicious.

Here is a sneak peak at what I'm doing for my dorm. I am obsessed with these prints and combinations. My roommate and I decided to do white faux fur pillows with white bedding and hints of green/blue and gold. I am so excited for it all!

Before heading to the barn one day this week, I made this smoothie with a banana, almond milk, and frozen fruit. So delicious!

The wave wall!

This was my lunch with my mom and sister a week or so ago. It was SO good. I love Le Pain so much and their quinoa cake is amazing.


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  1. The cinnamon rolls look amazing. Were they homemade? I absolutely love the wave wall. Atlanta needs something like it.



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