My mom and I are going to the beach tomorrow for a small trip and then we have our whole extended family beach trip (my favorite trip of the year!) the week of the 16. Not only is the beach so relaxing, but the trip with our whole family is so much fun. We have the Rankin-Mandel Olympics, where we play different sports, do the long jump, and more. We also do "rollin", which we invented a couple years ago right after a storm, when no one else was on the beach. Basically our entire family lay in the shallow end of the water and waited for the water to roll us all the way down the beach. TRUST ME, it's insanely fun. You bump into each other and the tide takes you all the way down the beach.

Anyway, what makes the beach even better, is having a couple cute suits. I found these four and thought I'd share!

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