I am super into the star trend right now. Star jeans, star sneakers, star tops, everything stars!! I was thinking it'd be the coolest thing to have a denim jacket covered in stars. This is honestly the easiest DIY I've ever done and the outcome is adorable! I ordered a denim jacket online and tons of iron on star patches in white. They're 99 cents per package and I ordered 12 packs. I basically just arranged them how I thought looked cool and ironed away! I ended up running out of stars for the sleeves, but I honestly think it looks pretty sick just on the front and back of the jacket. Super simple and super adorable! In total, I spent under $45 for this jacket and it's the chicest one I own!


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  1. Yay, I'm so excited about this! We must be on the save wavelength because I've also been into stars lately and made it the theme of my dorm room!
    xo, Lauren | http://misslaurenalston.com


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